Setting Up The Perfect Bodybuilding Workout Schedule

To put it into perspective, bodybuilding is the set of sprinkles upon a well-rounded cupcake that is life. Family, career, education, and other items should always come first, with bodybuilding being something we do to improve all other aspects of life. Because of this, real-life priorities have to always come first. The key to finding time to creating bodybuilding success, amidst the flurry of change and crisis that is real-life, is to plan everything out.

Analyze your schedule

Be realistic here. How much time do you have each week to devote to weight training? Are there things you do now which could be sacrificed, like television or Internet surfing time? Could that time be better spent in the gym? Use a spreadsheet program or a piece of paper and map out how you spend your waking hours. Then, begin finding spots on that map where weight training could (or should!) be included.

Analyze your goals

If your goal is to lose the spare tire and add a few inches to your arms, then you probably don’t need to devote 2 hours per day to the gym. On the other hand, if you’re training hard for a local show, then you may need 3 to 4 hours daily, making time for weight training, cardio, tanning, posing, etc. Plan the number of hours and days per week in accordance with your goals.

Gauge your experience

If you have trained hard with weights for twenty years, you might need more than 30 minutes daily in the gym to maintain and build muscle mass. On the other hand, if you’re overweight and brand new to the gym scene, thirty minutes on the treadmill, five days per week, might be just what the doctor ordered! Take into account your training experience when planning.

Don’t forget the little things

Food and gym clothing preparation, gym driving, and many other small uses of time quickly add up. Be sure to include them when planning your ideal weekly training schedule. And be flexible – always leave some time for those little things, which will inevitably go wrong.

Just as no two bodybuilders have the same exact nutritional, training, sleep, or supplementation needs, no two bodybuilders have the same scheduling requirements. Create one that works best for reaching YOUR goals, without disrupting your life too much. Remember, the best bodybuilding workout schedule is the one you’ll stick with!

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